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When we started printing MiniCards and Business Cards, we looked at the standard packages from other companies and nothing got us really excited ...

So, we made a decision to design our own packaging from scratch. We've stroked a million different paper coatings, 'road tested' boxes in our pockets and bags, lifted lids to feel the ease of the draw.

Until finally, we got there. Now we're excited about every package that heads out of the door - and we hope you're as excited to receive them.

There's life before recycling

MiniCards and Business Cards arrive in a FREE MOO case.

They're recyclable and made of recycled pulp board - but we hope you'll prolong their life by using them first.

Just remove the coloured wraps to reveal a smart, smooth box ready to keep your cards in perfect condition whether sitting on your desk, or hanging out in your bag.

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