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These are some of the companies we like, for thinking a bit like we do. They champion creativity, and they understand the power of good design and photography. They also love to print!

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A vibrant photosharing site, Flickr helps you do more with your digital photos. Organise them into sets or collections, join interest groups, and share your images with family and friends.

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Etsy helps designers, makers and artisans get their work online and on sale. A massive collection of individual stores, Etsy has helped bring craft back into people's hearts and homes.

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In this age of digital photography, SmugMug help keep your memories safe. Backing your photos up online, they make them available to share with friends, family - and your professional clients.

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Passionate about creating books, Blurb have bought publishing into the hands of the masses. Creating a book for a special occasion, to use as a portfolio, or even to sell? Blurb will be able to help.

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Need help building a website for your creative business? liveBooks take care of everything from code to content management and SEO, so that you can focus on what you do best: being creative.

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Everyone knows and loves YouTube! It’s a massive community for uploading, sharing and viewing videos, with everything from homemade content to archive footage.

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Linked In helps you get the most from your professional network. Upload your CV, create your own profile and tap into a huge network of industry experts, colleagues and trusted friends.

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