Physical Specification Model


The Physical Specification allows the API client to set some of the physical attributes of the pack. Each pack has a physicalSpec property, the contents of which can be modified via calls to moo.pack.updatePhysicalSpec

The Physical Specification instance

The physical specification object is the container for the physical attributes of the pack. The Physical Specification object has the following properties:

  • productType - string - one of 'businesscard', 'minicard', 'postcard', or 'sticker' depending on what product is being described.
  • paperClass - string - for businesscard product type, one of "classic", "green", "quadplex_black", "quadplex_red", "quadplex_blue", "quadplex_white". For all other product types, it must be "classic"
  • finishingOption - string - for businesscard, "rounded_corners" can be selected for "classic" and "green" paper, otherwise "square_corners". For all other product types, it must be "standard"
  • packSize - Extra[] - For businesscard one of 50 or 200. For minicard one of 100 or 400. For postcards one of 10 or 50. For stickers it must be 90

Example Physical Specification Object

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