These bright and engaging arrangements of splats and dots are similar to the markings found on big cats, just given a bit of a colour makeover so they don't get hidden amid the foliage of the modern desk.

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You don't have to graphically illustrate everything you do, especially on MiniCards - which, for jobs that are complicated to illustrate, would involve a lot of squinting. So these confetti storms of coloured blobs allow you to hand out MiniCards for almost any purpose - contact details, meeting reminders - without causing unnecessary confusion (or eye strain).

About this design

Odd colorful shapes, quirky line, and a curtsy to the gods of Yin and Yang combine to form Jane's whimsical yet sophisticated style. Many themes parade through the studio. Favorites include: food and wine, the Arts, children's topics, flora, fauna, and social humor. Jane is a self-taught artist and works both digitally and traditionally in water media. She lives and works near Chicago, Illinois.