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Brighton's Kevin Meredith (AKA LomoKev) specialises in photography that is drenched in vivid colours, so that even the most humdrum of subjects seems to be unexpectedly important, all of sudden. These are the Postcards to hand out when you want to tell everyone that you're going places, that you're an achiever, but you still have your feet on the ground.

About the designer

Kevin Meredith (a.k.a. lomokev from flickr.com) never leaves home without a compact film camera of some kind. This means he is always ready to snap anything he comes across; whether that's someone dancing in the street or what he had for breakfast that morning. Kevin lives and works as a photographer by the sea in Brighton UK but his pictures are not limited to his corner of the globe. View the world as Kevin sees it: in super saturated color vision, where the mundane and the everyday can become something more.

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