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Photos are the most commonly used content for MOO’s product range, so we’ve tried to make the process as straightforward as possible. You can either follow the detailed specifications below or just double check our 5 simple rules before you upload your images to MOO and use our online tools.

5 Simple Rules for Using Your Photos:

  1. Photos should be high-quality JPEGs, in an RGB colour space
  2. Photos should be at least 96 dpi. Our recommended file sizes are listed below.
  3. If you haven't colour corrected your photos, we recommend our photo enhancement option for the best printed results.
  4. Your images will be printed full bleed and the edges trimmed, so be sure no important parts of the image are near the edge, and that the image extends to the edge of the bleed. (What does this mean?)

For designs with featuring both photography and text, where possible please upload as a PDF with the text outlined. (Find out more about PDFs.)


You can upload photos in the same format you import them from your digital camera (normally JPEG). We do however accept the following file formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF.

Please note: we do not accept RAW files.

Size / resolution

All photos uploaded to MOO must be no less than 96dpi, but we recommend you upload them at 300dpi. See the table below with the minimum and recommended pixel dimensions, for each product. These sizes are all full bleed.

Product Minimum (96dpi) Recommended (300dpi)
MiniCards 280 x 121 pixels 874 x 378 pixels
Business Cards 333 x 223 pixels 1039 x 697 pixels
Postcards and Greeting Cards 575 x 412 pixels 1795 x 1287 pixels
StickerBooks 138 x 138 pixels 283 x 283 pixels
Round Stickers 151 x 151 pixels 472 x 472 pixels
Large Labels 325 x 215 pixels 1016 x 673 pixels
US Letter-sized Letterheads 832 x 1072 pixels 2597 x 3347 pixels


Images shot with digital cameras are normally set to a default RGB colour space (sRGB is the most common) and this is perfect for MOO. We’ll convert them to CMYK using our own profile, which compensates for the paper and finish of each product.

Remember: where possible, preview your photographs in CMYK. Colours displayed on screen will always look much brighter than the final printed products.

If you have a color calibrated screen, and would like to preview your images in the same CMYK colorspace MOO uses, we recommend the following settings: Coated GRACoL 2006.

Black and white

If your images are black and white - or in greyscale - we recommend converting them to either RGB or the CMYK colour spaces mentioned above. This will produce a richer print. Where possible, always preview in CMYK to give a more realistic view of the final outcome. Many people find that the CMYK preview lacks contrast, so be prepared for this, and adjust your levels or brightness and contrast until you are satisfied with the preview.

Photo Enhancement

When you upload photos to MOO we automatically apply our own dynamic photo enhancement. We recommend this for all photographic content – but if you're a pro, and have already adjusted the colours before you upload, you may like to switch this feature off. More about photo enhancement.


The easiest way to crop your photos is by using our online tools – simply upload your images or import them from one of our partners (e.g. Flickr or SmugMug). Once you are on the cropping page, you’ll be able to move your images around, zoom and rotate the images.

We've put together a small slide show, which explains the 'bleed', 'trim' and ‘safe area’ more clearly. It also shows common mistakes and how to avoid them.

If you'd like to pre-crop your images before you upload, our templates and guidelines will give you further help and information.

Photos and Luxe, by MOO

Luxe paper prints beautifully. However, due to the nature of the paper, and it's thickness, we find that printing full bleed photographic images don't always show it off to its best. Therefore, we'd recommend either not printing full bleed, or reverting to our Classic stock for photgraphic printed Business Cards.

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