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What are MOO Business Cards?

MOO Business Cards are high quality, double sided Business Cards. They're printed on thick paper stock (it's so thick, other printers call it 'premium'), and there's a choice of either sustainably sourced, matte laminated paper, a rich gloss finish or 100% recycled paper.

Unlike normal business cards, printing cards with MOO gives you the option of having a different image on every card in the pack. They're just right for showing off a range of products, a portfolio of work, or a selection of services your company provides.

Handing them out is more fun, because people can choose the one they like best. MOO Business Cards are more memorable - they're often a talking point in themselves.

How big are MOO Business Cards?

Similar to the standard business card size in the UK and the USA. The precise measurements are:

  • 84mm x 55mm
  • 3.3inches x 2.17inches

Will you ever offer cards at conventional US sizes?

Our product team is looking into this option. We'll let you know (on our blog and in our regular newsletter) if there's any more news.

Are MOO Business Cards double sided?

Yes, MOO Business Cards are printed in full colour, on both sides. (There's no extra cost, it's just what we do).

How much do MOO Business Cards cost?

Please see the Cost & Discounts FAQ for up to date pricing information.

What's the deal with Rounded Corners?'

If you fancy something a little different, our Rounded Corner option may be just the ticket. Produced using a die-cutting technique, to ensure the best possible quality, we're pretty proud of them. The corners have a 5mm radius and are available on both our Matte and Gloss finish Classic stock.

Why can't I have Rounded Corners on Luxe?

At the moment, we just can't make the quality good enough on Luxe or our Green stocks. We're continuing to try and get things to a level where we can start selling them. Keep an eye on the blog for updates.

How much do Rounded Corners cost?

Prices start at an additional £2.50 (excl VAT) or $4 for 50 cards

Can I get a QR Code on my Business Cards?

You certainly can. You can add them once in the design your own" processe or you can read more in our FAQs on QR Codes here.

Do you sell Business Card holders?

Yes! You can buy them in our Accessories section.

Do MOO Business Cards have a MOO logo on them?

No, Business Cards are not printed with the MOO logo - we know you'd like to order cards to promote your business, not ours! We only ever do this when you are getting trial/sample cards.

Do you still sell those cute MiniCards?

Oh yes. We're very proud of both our MiniCards and our Business Cards.

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