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How does the Facebook/MOO profile cards process work?

It's simple - but a bit long winded! If you have Facebook's new profile layout (Timeline, with Cover Photos), there's a Facebook Card feature, situated on your "About" page, when viewing your own profile. Simply hover over this and a box will appear displaying the offer from MOO.

Next, click on the offer and you'll be taken to a card creation page. Your latest 50 cover photo uploads will be imported onto the image side of the cards, along with your Facebook username, job/education and your location, plus a small thumbnail of your profile photo.

With your Facebook cards, each card can have a different cover photo (up to 50 per pack) and you can remove any images you don't want on your cards at this stage, by clicking the "remove this design" button. All of the designs which are not removed, will appear in your pack. The profile photo and username information will appear on every card on top of the cover image on the front of every card.

Once you progress to the next stage, you'll be able to customise the reverse (hurrah - double sided cards!). There's a large space for entering a quote (you don't have to keep the one that's already there), a mandatory space for your Facebook URL and two lines where you can add/edit your contact information (email and phone number are automatically imported, but you can change these to whatever you want.)

Once you've entered your information, simply continue to the preview, check you're happy and progress to checkout.

Although you can change the text information on the cards, the Facebook URL and the icons are not editable. If you leave any of these sections blank, the icons will still appear.

Sounds good. How do I claim my Facebook cards?

Simply visit this page and select either "Make cards for me" or "Make cards for my business"

I want to add more images to my cards - can I?

Yes, and also no. Once you are in the creation flow, it won't be possible to simply click and upload more images. However, you can return to your Facebook profile and upload more Cover Photos. Once you've done that, please make sure you have removed any Facebook cards previously added to your cart at and simply start the process again.

Can I get cards for the "Pages" linked to my Facebook account?

Yes - simply visit this page and select "Make Cards for my Business"

Can I use regular discount codes and promotions from MOO when buying Facebook cards at normal prices?

I'm afraid not, Facebook Cards are not considered part of our standard product range and therefore MOO sitewide sales and code based promotions are not always valid for Facebook Cards purchases.'

Can I buy extra MOO products?

Yes - once you have created the cards and added them to your cart, just click on the "products" drop down at the top of the page to make more MOO!

Can I make other products with my Facebook images?

Yes - you can make Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and all our sticker products using your Facebook images. Unfortunately, we don't offer Facebook image imports on Greeting Cards.

Can I upload my own images?

You can only make Facebook Cards using your profile and cover photos. But the good news is, if you want to upload your own images onto cards, you're in the right place! After you've made your Facebook cards, go via the "Products" link on MOO.COM and see what takes your fancy.

Where can I find the 50 free cards offer?

I'm afraid the free cards offering was for a limited period only. Facebook cards now cost £12/$15/€13.20 for 50 cards.

Can I order more than 50 cards?

Sure!The free Facebook cards offer was limited to 50 free cards per person, but that promotion is over. You can change the quantity at checkout or simply create multiple packs. We can't promise to give you everything for at a discounted rate, but sign up to our newsletter for all the latest discounts and special offers.

I can't find the link to make my Facebook cards - where is it?

If you have the new Timeline profile (which everyone should by now), Facebook Cards can be claimed here

Can I reorder my Facebook cards?

Once you have claimed your Facebook cards, they'll be added to your MOO account (which will be automatically created using Facebook Connect). To log back into your account, simply visit MOO.COM and click on the "Your Account" tab. You'll be prompted to login (please be sure to click the Facebook Connect icon to login).

Once in your account, you can reorder via the "Reorder" link, or by visiting your "Order History".

I see MOO offers Green Stock and/or Rounded Corners - can I get these with Facebook?

Unfortunately not - the Facebook cards are only available on Classic stock, with square corners.

My order has not arrived! What should I do?

We understand - it's really frustrating when this happens. You can check the status of your order in your Account. It's best to check the estimated arrival date here too - if it is more than 5 working days passed the estimate, please get in touch and we'll see if we can help out.

Why are my Facebook cards not free anymore?

Well, like any offer, it's only on for a limited amount of time and it's one for every person. We have now run out of the totally free Facebook Cards, but you can still get the cards free, and only need to pay a small postage and packaging fee. Once you have claimed your free 50 pack, the cards return to normal Facebook Card prices ($15 or £10 excl. VAT). If you missed out on the free pack because you applied after the time period was over, we're really sorry - but we do recommend keeping your eyes open for future special offers on MOO.COM.

Does purchasing the cards change anything on my Facebook profile?

No - we won't touch your profile. We like to leave everything exactly as we found it!

I can't seem to login into my MOO account - help!

That's so annoying! If you've made Facebook Cards and you are trying to login, please remember your MOO account is created using Facebook Connect. Make sure you click the Facebook Connect button on the login window. You will need to be logged in to Facebook to access your MOO account.

When I came to MOO from Facebook, it asked if I wanted to merge my account - do I?

We think you should! Mainly because it makes it easier to login to MOO.COM - simply click the Facebook Connect button when you return and you'll find all your old orders in there. Plus, if you don't link/merge your accounts, you'll end up with two accounts, which could get really confusing.

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