What are Luxe Business Cards?

Luxe Business Cards are what we think are the finest Business Cards on the web. They are 600gsm / 32pt, Mohawk Superfine paper which, using our unique Quadplex technology, has an optional seam of colour which runs through the middle of the paper stock (choose from red, blue, black or white). They are twice as thick as MOO's Classic stock, and over 3x thicker than regular business cards.

How big are Luxe Business Cards?

Similar to the standard business card size in the UK and the USA. The precise measurements are:

  • 84mm x 55mm
  • 3.3inches x 2.17inches

How are Luxe cards different from MOO Classic?

Aside from the thickness, the main difference is the feel of the paper. While MOO Classic has a soft "velvety" matte or gloss finish, Luxe Business Cards return to a more traditional textured surface that feels tactile and elegant, yet still reproducing colour and images incredibly. In addition, with the optional seam of colour tailored to match your design, you will have a guaranteed conversation starter, nestling right in your pocket.

What fill colours are available on Luxe Business Cards?

Luxe Business Cards are available with four fill colours:

  • Red (approx. C25, M100, Y90, K30),
  • Blue (approx. C100, M15, Y5, K5),
  • Black (approx. C0, M0, Y0, K100)
  • White (approx. C0, M0, Y0, K0)

    Are Luxe Business Cards double sided?

    Yes, all MOO Business Cards are printed in full colour, on both sides. (There's no extra cost, it's just what we do).

    What kind of designs work best with Luxe Business Cards?

    Luxe Business Cards hold colour beautifully. However, due to the thickness of the paper, we generally find that more sparse and minimal designs show the cards off to their best, allowing the texture of the paper to add an extra element of "special" to them. That said, we'll never stop you uploading any design to your cards, and full bleed photography or images (full bleed means images that go right to the edge of the card) work great too.

    We've curated a range of unique and exclusive designs for Luxe, that are designed to show Luxe Business cards off at their absolute finest. Take a look here, even if it's just for some inspiration for your own designs.

    How much do MOO Business Cards cost?

    Please see the Cost & Discounts FAQ for up to date pricing information.

    What if there's a mistake on my card?

    Every pack of Luxe Business Cards will be checked by one of our trained Quality Assurance Ninjas before it goes to print. They'll be looking out for obvious spelling mistakes, or formatting that looks wrong etc. However, they won't be able to tell if a phone number is wrong or if your last name is spelled wrong so we'd always advise checking, and then having someone else check your design before you order. If you receive your cards though, and there's a problem, get in touch and we'll make sure we sort it out.

    I have a border or carefully centred graphics as part of my design, are they going to be OK?

    We don't recommend using thin borders or carefully centred content which hugs the edge of the safe area. All MOO products have a 2mm cutting tolerance, which means thin borders or carefully centred graphics can end up being slightly uneven. The smaller the border, the more apparent this small imperfection will be. To avoid potential disappointment, we'd recommend using a wide border (which extends well inside the safe area) or removing it altogether and making them full bleed.

    I've seen a design I like on your Classic cards, but I can't see it available for Luxe. Why is this?

    Most of the designs that are available for our Classic stock simply do not work well on Luxe paper. The difference in texture and thickness lend themselves to different styles of artwork, and as such we curated a distinct range of designs specifically for Luxe instead.

    Do Luxe cards come in a lovely box like your Classic cards?

    Luxe cards come packaged in their own bespoke box, custom designed for the "Finest Business Cards on the web". We don't want to ruin the surprise, but we're pretty sure you'll like what you receive.

    Do you sell Business Card holders?

    Yes! You can buy them in our Accessories section.

    Can I get a sample?

    Our standard sample pack contains an example Luxe card. In addition we've also introduced a dedicated Luxe sampler available via our paper page.

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