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Managing my account

How do I set up an account with MOO?

We never ask you to set up an account until it's really necessary (we know it's probably the least exciting part of the process). This means you can explore our products and make your own designs without an account; we'll only ask you to set one up when you want to save a design, or place an order. Signing up is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

I've forgotten my password, can I reset it?

Yes, of course! Click on the "Your Account" section in the top menu (found in the "Help" section) and you'll be prompted to enter your password. Simply click "Forgotten your password?" and follow the instructions there. We'll email you with more details.

If you find you've not received the email, please be sure to check your spam folder, just incase it's got stuck. Oh and make sure you remember your new password before you log out!

How do I edit my account?

When you're signed in, you'll see a "Your account" link at the top of every page on the site. Click this and and you'll be able to make the changes you need.

How do I add addresses to my address book?

Right now, you can add addresses in the account section, which you can access via the link at the top of each page. We're working on a new feature that will let you add new addresses, or select old ones from your address book, when you place a new order.

How do I edit addresses in my address book?

Go to "Your Account" (which you'll spot at the top of every page, under "Help") - you can edit addresses in the main "Your Account" tab.

If you need to edit the delivery address for an order you've just placed, please go to "Order History", click on the order number and edit the shipping address there. As long as the order hasn't been shipped yet, it will go to your new address.

How do I add a payment method to my account?

Next time you place an order, you'll be able to add a new payment method during the checkout process. We'll save this addition alongside your existing payment methods.

How do I change which automated emails I get from MOO?

Go to "Your Account" (which you'll spot at the top of every page under "Help") and you can choose how often you want to hear from us and which emails you'd like. (We wont be offended if you switch us off - we know how busy inboxes can be). You can also opt out of the feedback emails and newsletter, by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails.

How do I delete my account?

Please get in touch with our Customer Services team if you have any worries or concerns. If something at has troubled you, we'll be happy to help sort it out.

How do I open a business account?

Find out more about setting up a MOO for Business account so you can order company cards for yourself and your colleagues.

Looking for FAQs about editing or placing an order?

Email Support

If you have a question about your order or they have arrived with problems, please contact our customer service team for help.

They're nice people, you'll like them, and they'll fix any problems you're having.

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Live Chat Support

Having trouble making your order or need some more information before you buy? Try a Live Chat with the team. They'll answer your questions about placing an order via instant message chat.

Please note, as we are testing this service we may not be available at all times.

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