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Problems checking out

Using bank transfers (Sofort/iDeal) to pay on

My payment has gone through, but my order doesn't appear in my account, what's going on?

Payments via Sofort/iDeal/Paypal might take a little longer to reach us. Please allow our payment provider (us) some extra time to confirm your order. If no order confirmation email has reached you within an hour of completing payment, please contact our Customer Service team. We'll do what we can to sort it out as quickly as possible.

Using a credit card to pay on

Why didn't my payment work?

We check all your card details when you pay, so please double-check you've entered them all correctly. One mis-typed number and the transaction will fail - and it's very easy to mistype things!

I've double-checked all the numbers and it's still not working

Sometimes - it's rare but it does happen - we get "communications errors" popping up between our computer and the bank's computer, and that can cause problems like this. If you're sure you've entered all the numbers correctly, please save your order and get in touch with our Customer Service team. We'll do what we can to sort it out as quickly as possible.

What's an "Issue number" and an "Issue date"?

These are fields for certain kinds of UK debit and credit cards, mainly the ones with a Switch logo on them. You only need to fill them in if you have that kind of card; otherwise, just you can just leave them blank.

Paypal problems

I tried paying via PayPal and it didn't work, what's up?

PayPal provides two sorts of payment - eChecks (where you pay with your PayPal balance), and Credit/Debit Card Checkout (where you pay with the credit or debit card that you've registered with PayPay). MOO only supports the latter, i.e., Credit/Debit Card Checkout.

PayPal keeps saying my address is incorrect

Some customers have had problems paying with PayPal from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, India, Jamaica or Uruguay.

We have done a little research and it seems Paypal no longer allow these countries to receive or send money internationally. We appreciate this is really frustrating, but until this has been addressed by Paypal, the best we can suggest its to use a credit or debit card directly with MOO

Promo code problems

I have a promo code, can I use it?

Yes, of course! Our promo codes each have their own rules, so make sure your code is valid for your order. Some codes only apply to certain products, while others are reserved for first-time customers only.

Can I use two promo codes in one order?

Sorry, no. Just one.

The promo code isn't working. What should I do?

First, double-check what the code is for, some codes only apply to certain products, while others are reserved for first-time customers only. Also, don't forget to check the fine print for the expiry date - they don't last forever!

Still not working? Sorry about that, please get in touch, and we'll see what we can do.

Other payment problems

I tried to pay for my order, but I haven't had a confirmation email. Did the order go through?

If you didn't get the confirmation email, we will assume something went wrong and the order was not placed. If you've been charged, we'll automatically refund your money straight away.

Please try placing the order again. If this keeps happening, please tell our Customer Services team and we'll see what we can do to fix it.

MOO charged me twice for one order!

If this has happened, we're very sorry. It's a mistake and we'll fix it.

Did you receive 2 confirmation emails?

If you did, then it seems the order was placed twice. You can cancel one via "Your Account" - you'll find a link to your account at the top of every page.

If you only got one email, then it is most likely we had a problem when you tried to place your order and the failed attempt has not been refunded yet. We'll automatically refund payments that are not linked to orders.

If you are still convinced you have an outstanding double charge, please let us know and we'll investigate further.

I am ordering for my company, but there isn't a company credit card I can use. Do you accept any other form of payment?

Not normally, no. But if yours is a large organisation and you're placing a large order, we might be able to make alternative arrangements. Please get in touch and we'll talk it over.

VAT problems

I am VAT registered in the EU; how do I make sure I am not charged VAT?

Enter your VAT number when you order. We will check it with the Taxation and Customs Union and as long as it's valid, we won't add any VAT.

MOO keeps saying my VAT number is invalid

We check all VAT numbers with the Taxation and Customs Union when payment is made; please check and double-check your VAT number to make sure it's correct when you place your order.

It is also possible we are having problems checking your VAT number, so please wait and try again later. If the problems persist, please place the order (pay for the VAT) and . We'll make sure the VAT is refunded afterwards.

Email Support

If you have a question about your order or they have arrived with problems, please contact our customer service team for help.

They're nice people, you'll like them, and they'll fix any problems you're having.

Contact MOO

Live Chat Support

Having trouble making your order or need some more information before you buy? Try a Live Chat with the team. They'll answer your questions about placing an order via instant message chat.

Please note, as we are testing this service we may not be available at all times.

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