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Sharing the love, and MOOlah

What’s MOO’s Referral Program all about?

Think about all your favorite things – chances are, you didn’t try them for the first time because of an advertisement. It’s more likely that your friends raved about how great they were! And since we noticed that people already like to share MOO with their friends and colleagues, we wanted to make doing so as beneficial to our customers as possible. In other words, whenever you send a new customer to MOO, you’ll get credit – we call it MOOlah - in your account as a thank you from us.

How can I earn MOOlah?

It's easy! After you make your first purchase from MOO, you’ll automatically get a unique URL to your very own Refer a Friend page. If you send a friend, colleague, or anyone else you feel would love what we do to that URL (via Facebook or Twitter, for example), and they then buy from MOO for the first time, we'll give you MOOlah. That’s credit added to your account that can be used on your next order with us!

Remember though – for you to earn MOOlah, they need to either be a brand new customer or an existing customer who signs up for MOO for Business for the first time.

What is my MOOlah worth?

For every new, paying customer that you send to us, we'll give you $7.50 of MOOlah credit, which you can use towards a future purchase. To quantify it, sending just three new customers to MOO is enough for a free pack of 50 Classic Business Cards. And, if the person, or people that you send to us decide to use MOO for Business, you’ll get a whopping $75 of MOOlah in your account. Which means even more MOO for you!

How can I use my credit?

Just build your MOO products as usual, and add them to your cart. During the checkout process, on the Payment Details page, you'll see a box (on the right side of the page), which shows how much MOOlah credit you have. If you want to use your MOOlah, simply click to redeem it. The discount will be automatically applied and the MOOlah removed from your account.

Keep in mind, your credit can only be used towards the items in your cart, and not for shipping and handling charges. If you have more MOOlah in your account than your MOO purchase costs, we will only take enough credit to bring your cart up to zero. The rest of your credit will remain in your account for when you next shop at MOO.

Can I use my MOOlah on a MOO for Business Order?

Yes! MOOlah can be both earned and used by MOO for Business customers.

How do I find my unique referral URL?

You can find your unique referral page URL in several locations:

  • On the Refer a Friend page (but make sure you’re logged in!)
  • On the confirmation page when you place an order

  • How will I know when someone I referred has made a purchase?

    Sign in to Your Account and go to the Refer a Friend page - you’ll be able to see a fun infographic on the right that shows the running total of how many people you’ve successfully referred that have gone on to buy from MOO. It also shows you how many of your referrals have signed up for MOO for Business (where the big MOOlah is made!)

    What if I know someone has made a purchase and I haven’t received my MOOlah?

    If this happens (and we hope it doesn’t!), please contact our Customer Service team. You'll need the email address of the person who you referred, and the date on which you referred them. With that information, we'll be able to see if they were, in fact, a new customer. If they weren't, that'll be why you didn't get any referral credit. If they are, then we'll add the correct amount of MOOlah to your account.

    It’s worth remembering that we can’t backdate referrals from before the program was launched. So sadly, any people you referred to us before June 13th 2011 won’t be eligible to earn you MOOlah.

    How quickly do I get my MOOlah?

    Instantly following your friends’ first purchase! But don’t rush to order more MOO stuff – you won’t be able to redeem it straight away. It will show in your account as "pending" for a period of a few hours while it’s processed.

    Terms and Conditions

    The small print, otherwise known as our Terms and Conditions, for MOO Refer a Friend can be found here.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our lovely Customer Service team (all real people, no robots!) and they'll be more than happy to help.

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    They're nice people, you'll like them, and they'll fix any problems you're having.

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