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Stickers and Labels

What kinds of stickers and labels does MOO offer?

MOO now has:
Round Stickers and Labels
Rectangular Stickers and Labels
StickerBooks or Mini Labels

What’s the difference between a sticker and a label?

You found us out - they’re actually the same thing. Some people think of a sticky product as being a “sticker” while others consider them to be a“label.” They’re both one and the same, so whether you want to label a sticker as a “sticker” or call a sticker a “label,” it’s all the same size, same finish, same stickiness. The only difference is what you choose to put on them!

What are the stickers and labels made of?

Round Stickers and StickerBooks/Mini Labels are printed on thick durable vinyl with a glossy laminate finish.
Rectangular Stickers/Labels are printed on the same thick durable vinyl but finished with an ink receptive varnish (so you can write or draw all over them).

Can I write on the stickers and labels?

NO for StickerBooks/Mini Labels and Round Stickers/Labels. The sleek glossy finish means that ink won’t stick.
YES for Rectangular Stickers/Labels. We recommend you only use ballpoint pens and permanent markers if you plan to write on your labels. If you use anything else, like gel or rollerball pens, fountain pens, or rubber stamps, the ink may not be absorbed by the sticker/label and may smudge. For best results, please allow the ink to dry for a few minutes before you touch the surface of the sticker/label. That gives the label a chance to absorb the ink.

Are the Stickers and Labels waterproof?

The adhesive used is considered a permanent adhesive, so it should last and stay sticky for a long time; however, different conditions could affect its performance. Over time, if continuous wear is applied (for example, washing or being exposed outdoors to rain, sun, snow, etc.), then both the laminate on the StickerBook stickers and Round Stickers/Labels and the varnish coating on the Rectangular Stickers/Labels may wear off and the adhesive may lose its effectiveness.

When in doubt about how these products will perform, we recommend you request a MOO sample pack (which includes samples of all our Stickers and Labels) and then come back and buy what works best.

Can the Stickers and Labels be used on items that are refrigerated or frozen?

As the adhesive used on our Stickers and Labels is a permanent adhesive, use on refrigerated items should be okay. The Stickers and Labels can also be placed in freezers, but they should be first adheres at room temperate, and then frozen. Do not apply Stickers and Labels to already frozen materials.

The Stickers and Labels are safe to use on food packaging but are not approved for direct contact with food.

What size are the stickers?

StickerBooks/Mini Labels are 22mm or 0.86” square. About the size of a postage stamp, with rounded corners.
Round Stickers/Labels are 38mm or 1.5” in diameter.
Rectangular Stickers/Labels are 84x 55mm or 3.30" x 2.16" with rounded corners – the same size as our Rounded Corner Business Cards.

How much do the stickers cost?

To get a detailed price quote (and find out what the turnaround times are), please see our cost calculator.

How sticky are the stickers?

Very sticky - although they should peel off most smooth surfaces quite easily. They're not designed to be re-stuck lots of times, though.

How durable are the stickers?

They are covered in a scratch-resistant laminate or varnish coating, so they stand up pretty well.

There's an extra page in my StickerBook and an extra sheet with my Round Stickers and Rectangular Labels - with stickers I didn't make. What's that?

That's our version of a packing slip. Every StickerBook, Round Sticker or Label order comes with order information - things like your order number, and shipping country. We could put that information on a packing slip like everyone else does, but we thought it would be more fun to turn it into stickers. That's what these stickers are. You haven't paid for them - think of them as a freebie on top of your order.

I need help making my Round Stickers and Rectangular Labels!

We understand it can be a little tricky, so here’s some help.

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If you have a question about your order or they have arrived with problems, please contact our customer service team for help.

They're nice people, you'll like them, and they'll fix any problems you're having.

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