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Trials and samples

I'd like to see what your products are like before I go any further. Is it possible to get a sample pack?

Of course! We offer two different samples, depending on what you're most interested in:

A free sample of 10 MOO Business Cards

This is a completely free pack of 10 Business Cards*, including standard shipping. You'll be able to upload a selection of your own images for one side of the card, and personalise the reverse with your own text.

This will give you a better idea not only of the print and paper quality, but also the process of making something with MOO.

Each card in the pack will have a MOO 'watermark', just to remind you where the cards are from. It will be on the 'image' side of the cards, so that your details remain intact, should you decide to use these cards in a business card emergency.

Sound useful? Make a sample pack now.

*Please note, due to postal restrictions, we are only able to ship these cards to: UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia & Rep of Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal and Luxembourg.

A free sample of all our products.

This is a free pack containing one of each of our products.

It will give you a good idea of the paper quality, and the way that both artwork and photography are reproduced. This is only available with our sample images, but is perfect for yourself or your clients.

Please click here to request a sample product pack (click the link on the right hand side).

My friend got a free MiniCard 10 pack - can I have one too?

Sometimes, when MOO launches with a new partner, we give away a limited number of free 10 packs. Sadly 'limited' means we only have a certain number available, and once they're gone, that's it. Sorry!

My friend got a free 50 pack of Business Cards - can I have one too?

Just like the MiniCard 10 packs mentioned above, we do occasionally give away free 50 packs of Business Cards. Again, there are always a limited number of these, so once the offer is over, it's over. Sorry about that.

I got a free trial pack and it's got a black band advertising MOO on it... How come?

We offer the 50 packs as a free sample, so you can see what the quality of the cards are like. The black band is added to the image side of the cards, so you can tell it's a free sample, and remember where the cards came from.

We add the band to the image side of the cards to keep your details untouched. This means should you wish to use your sample cards as real business cards, it's perfectly possible to do so.

Email Support

If you have a question about your order or they have arrived with problems, please contact our customer service team for help.

They're nice people, you'll like them, and they'll fix any problems you're having.

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Live Chat Support

Having trouble making your order or need some more information before you buy? Try a Live Chat with the team. They'll answer your questions about placing an order via instant message chat.

Please note, as we are testing this service we may not be available at all times.

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