I'm no designer. How do I make my cards look professional?

We believe that anyone can make smart, professional-looking cards in minutes. MOO Designs are a range of professionally created double-sided Business Card that give you a huge range of artwork to choose from, no matter what your profession. Everything – from the fonts, colours, assets and layouts - has been selected by our team of professional designers. All you need to do is add your details and go!

NEW! MOO Designs are now available on MiniCards and Postcards!

I found a MOO Design pack that I like, but I don’t want all of the design variations that are offered on the back of the card.

No worries. Once you start making your cards (adding your details and logo or image), you’ll be given the option to remove designs from a pack. There’s also a handy button to bring the design back if you decide you’d like it after all.

I’ve removed a design from a MOO Designer pack, but decided I’d like it after all. Help!

Don’t panic, there’s a button for that – see above.

Can I upload artwork to the back of the business card?

Well, yes - and also no. Let us explain…

Some MOO Designs have been created to feature your logo on the back of the card. You can find these packs by visiting our gallery of designs and clicking the “Use my logo” box in the upper left corner of the page. Once you begin creating these cards, you’ll be given an option to upload a logo or image. (We accept GIF, PNG, JPEG and PDF)

However, as MOO Designs are professionally designed on both the front and back of the card, we don’t currently allow a file to be uploaded for the entire side of a card.

If you want to fully customise your cards, why not try making your own original MOO Business Cards ?

I’d like to add my contact information to MOO Designs, but there’s already someone else’s information there. Help!

Don’t be scared – it’s just sample text! We’ve included it to give you a realistic impression of what the final card design will look like. Once you start customising your cards, you can click on the lines of text to add your own information.

It sounds obvious, but do make sure you delete all of the copy that isn’t yours before you purchase – otherwise, you’ll receive a card with a make-believe person’s details on it.

I’ve purchased a Ready Made or Mix-n-Match pack of cards from MOO before, but I can’t find the pack in MOO Designs.

The design you purchased previously has probably been removed from our design gallery, as we made room for all our new designs. But all is not lost! If you ordered a Ready Made or Mix-n-Match pack before March 21 2011 (for Business Cards) or July 1st 2013 (for MiniCards and Postcards), you can find the item in your Account – simply look in the Account History section to find the past order. At the moment, you can still edit and re-order these packs, even though we no longer offer this directly on the main site.

Are MOO Designs available for any other MOO products?

Yes! MOO Designs are available on Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards, Luxe Notecards and Letterheads . In the future we hope to add our Stickers and Greeting Cards too. Stay tuned for updates.

How much do MOO Designs cost?

All our Business Card options are the same price, whether you’re using our MOO Designs or uploading your own artwork. Why not use our handy Cost Calculator to find out the exact price of Business Cards and shipping?

I'm a graphic designer and I'd like to contribute to MOO Designs. How can I do that?

Thanks very much for thinking of us. At the moment, we’re not looking to expand our pool of MOO designers, but that may change in the future. So watch this space!

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