MOO cards can serve all sorts of purposes - and our short print runs mean that you can order different packs in different sizes to put to different uses. Craftsperson and jeweller Abigail Percy shows you how...

About Abigail Percy

Abigail Percy makes beautiful hand-made jewellery from her workshop in Glasgow, Scotland. Inspired by natural forms and architectural details, every piece of her work is unique.

Business Cards for business

Abigail uses our Business Cards and MiniCards, each for a different aspect of running her business.

She hands out Business Cards to people she meets during the course of her day-to-day work - from clients and contacts to suppliers and friends. Thanks to our small pack-sizes, she can order short print runs of 50 cards at a time, which means she's never stuck with out-of-date cards showing old designs; her pocket-sized portfolio evolves alongside her products.

MiniCards too

Abigail also has a selection of MiniCards to include with all customer orders. They work as mini-compliment slips, and can be easily used by customers to pass on her details to friends. They're also great for rewarding regular customers, working as promotional discount cards or even mini-gift cards.

The Green card matters

Lots of Abigail's designs are drawn from nature, so our Green stock was a perfect choice. It's 100% recycled, chlorine-free, and biodegradable - not only that but it's manufactured using wind-power! Even the box is made of recycled pulp. Which means her work is as pleasing to the planet as it is to the eye.

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