Advice from the experts

Remarkable businesses start with big ideas (and some help from your friends)

Enter the blogosphere

So you've got an online store and you want to create a buzz around it? Take Shopify's advice on how to harness the power of influential bloggers.

Smart market research

So you have the perfect product - but how do you know if it's going to sell? Read The Start Up Donut's tips on smart market research.

A 10-step website

Setting up a great business also means creating a great website, which you can do yourself! We asked Yola for ten easy tips for beginners.

Online communities

Got an online business? Then you'll need a feedback space for your loyal customers. CyberMummy founder Sian To is here to show you how.

Understanding SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is vital for your website, but it can be intimidating. We got experts Andrew and Gael to give us 3 golden rules of SEO.

Stay motivated

Setting up your own business is great – once you survive that tricky first year! Massage entrepreneur Anna has ten tips to keep you going.

Promotional books

A book can be a terrific, cost-effective way to showcase your products and services, but is it hard to do? Here are Blurb's top tips.

A DJ’s guide to gigs

As a freelance DJ networking is all-important for getting gigs. So we asked London based DJ Tom Olesen to give us some tricks of the trade.

Promoting music online

How do you make your your tunes stand out from the crowd? We asked SoundCloud for their top 5 tips when promoting your music online.

Make your logo great

A logo is a first step to creating a great brand – but what makes a good logo? We asked Logoworks to give us some easy, helpful tips.

MOO Meets... Bec Hill

We caught up with comedian Bec Hill to discuss self-promotion, MiniCard Top Trumps and why having cake at gigs is always a good thing!

Harness social media

Your photography business could benefit hugely from the power of social networking. These tips from Animoto show you how to do it right.

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