Keeping clients happy

Fine artist and photographer Karine Ardault combines her skills to produce fine art photos and original artwork. She has a steady client base who commission her work, and likes to find as many creative ways as possible to keep them coming back.

Say it with Postcards (and labels!)

It's not just about stand-out Business Cards for this artist! Karine is a one-stop-shop for creative MOO ideas, including self-designed thank you Labels in orders as gifts for her clients. Making good use of Printfinity, she gives photography clients Postcards of their photos so that they can send them on to friends. She also includes postcards displaying her fine art photography as bonus gifts, and uses MOO labels with her art uploaded to seal her packaging.

The artistic touch

Karine sells her art Postcards, but also keeps a stack of them in her bag. She says "I always have some postcards in my bag ready to give them away when I am asked about my work. It's a great way to show my work and to give my contact details." The final flourish, however, is nothing to do with print – Karine includes a personal handwritten note inside each order. Now that's attention to detail!

Create your own Postcards

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