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The evolution of retail

QINQO are a startup who sell branded gift cards to those who want digital products in a physical form. Here. they talk about why offline retailers need to catch up with e-commerce - fast.

How to Write a Simple Business Plan

So you have the big idea, and you’re going full speed ahead – but how will potential investors be able to see if they’re interested? Write a great business plan with our simple, editable template.

The best ways to Approach the Bank

Does asking the bank for a startup loan seem intimidating? Check out our top tips on how to approach the subject (and hopefully get your money!)

Breaking America

Want to start a UK-funded business in the States? It’s not easy – but design company Analog have some tips to help your dreams come true.

Partnership agreements

Many home-based businesses now grow by outsourcing, so it's vital to have partnership agreements in place, as Emma Jones explains.

Creating a virtual office

These days, if you are running your own business, or setting up as a sole trader, you need to be a jack-of-all-trades - learn how VoIP can help.

Freelance advice have developed some useful tips on best practice - and the things to avoid - when entering the freelance market.

Test drive employees

Some people sound like pros, but don’t work like pros. Here are some tips on evaluating what your new interviewees can really do.

Becoming a '5 to 9'-er

Over 5 million people are 'Working 5 to 9' - building a business around their day job hours. Emma Jones offers 8 steps to doing it yourself.

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