Often, the easiest way to explain the quality of your work is to show what you've done. Meridian Homes uses cards to MOO to help get the conversation started.

About Meridian Homes

Rhode Island-based Meridian Homes builds beautiful custom properties for discerning clients. With over 20 years in business, the company has constructed hundreds of homes in a variety of stylish designs.

Not a house of cards, but cards of houses

For Meridian, Business Cards are not just a way of making contacts, they're a way of carrying an entire portfolio of work around in a pocket. Because every card can have a different image, there's room to display some of the best builds of the past, along with prototypes and ideas for new designs. Customers and contacts can instantly see the variety and scope of Meridian's work. It's not just about making a contact, it's about making an impression.

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