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Translation Nation

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Who is Quentin?
Quentin Ferier is one of MOO’s lovely Customer Service agents (you may have had the pleasure yourself!) and an excellent photographer as well (with a self confessed soft spot for candid portraits and live music shots.). He arrived in the UK 6 years ago from Lyon, France, speaking very little English. Now, he’s pretty fluent – but at MOO he discovered a great way to learn some of the weirder bits of slang.

A little bit of help
“I speak fairly good English these days, but the difficult part is the slang.” Quentin says. “When I got to MOO, I realised that MiniCards were the perfect way to help me memorise all those quirky words my colleague say - I love them all! So I decided to make a Minicard “translation pack” out of them.”

That’s a bit flash
Quentin used MOO’s Textomatic technology to create a pack of flash cards with some slang words, like “peeps”, “snag” and “jiffy” to name a few! Each card has both the English and French translation on one side and Quentin’s details on the other, so they double up as calling cards as well. “It’s a fun way to learn and improve my English” Quentin says. “Although I may never lose my accent as much as I’d like to! But the cards are a good conversation starter and usually make people laugh as some words are … unexpected!”

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