Valentine's Day - a chance to show your loved one you care, or a total pressure cooker? Either way, you'll be in big trouble with your other half if you ignore the most romantic day of the year completely! Luckily, romance starts with a simple card – and we've got loads of ways to spice up your gift ideas this Valentine's Day.

Romantic gift tags

Of course, there are some people who hate traditional gestures - so you need to think outside the box. We love these eye-catching hang-tags in bright colours by photographer Harriet Eaglestone – she's even added ribbons with hearts for extra cute-factor! Use our Textomatic technology to write a personal message to your loved one – it'll add a wow factor to even the most boring box of chocolates.

Love vouchers – great to give or to receive!

You don't need to spend a lot of money to be romantic – or even a bit naughty! Why not get some MOO Love Vouchers - from sweet to saucy, there's something to suit everyone's taste. Exchange some on Valentine's Day – but remember to save a few for the rest of the year too!

Beautiful cards and perfect packaging

Get inspired by some of our most creative MOOsters, who've uploaded their beautiful artwork to create some beautiful, personal Valentine's Day Cards – we love these adorable cartoons by NYC illustrator Nicole Alesi or these Anti-Valentines Postcards by Meg Pickard for the more cynical among you (we do love them at MOO!) And why not go all out with packaging too? We've got a beautiful range of envelopes, from romantic red to sparkling silver – and you can seal it with one of our special Valentine's Day StickerBooks.

Let a Mosaic Frame tell your story

Some couples have been together long enough to be able to fill an entire Mosaic Frame with photos of themselves throughout the years. It's a really romantic way to take a walk down memory lane - plus, you can take some new photos for your new MiniCards.

Valentine's Day cards for Singles!

Valentine's Day doesn’t need to be a nightmare for singles with nobody on the horizon. In fact, you can create a completely original Valentine's Card greeting that really gets into the spirit of things. Why not make a set of Business Cards with a different message on each one, and your number on the back, then hand them out to people you like? It's a cheeky way of telling someone you think they're cute – without having to say a word! You may even end up with a date…

  • Rainbow MiniCards by Harriet Eaglestone
  • Valentine Stickers and Love Cheques
  • Parisian kiss by Nicole Alesi
  • Mosaic Frame

Create your own MiniCards...

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