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This month's designs: BikeBold

John Bielenberg’s eye for detail appreciates inventiveness practically anywhere – particularly the humble bicycle. “Bikes are an incredibly ingenious invention.” He says. “You only have to visit Copenhagen or Amsterdam to see how the bicycle allows people to reclaim the urban environment from the car and enhance the social life of the city.” Inspired by bicycle aesthetics, John came up with a new type of idea-producing creative game – using Luxe cards! “A word mash-up can be a catalyst to creativity and ingenuity” he explains. “It forces your brain to "think wrong", and create new connections.”

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This month's designer: John Bielenberg


John Bielenberg is a designer, entrepreneur and winner of over 250 design awards, including the 2013 AIGA Gold Medal. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art staged a solo exhibition of his work in 2000, and in 2003, he created Project M: an immersive program designed to inspire and educate young designers, writers, photographers, and filmmakers. Most recently, John has partnered with long-time collaborator Greg Galle to launch a new firm called FUTURE, to drive positive change by unlocking ingenuity in individuals and organisations.

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This month's charity: HeroBike


HERO works as a catalyst for community development in the Alabama Black Belt to end rural poverty. It was started in 1994 by a group of committed citizens who wanted to create a strong family focused community, providing job training, affordable housing and economic development. Since 2007, Project M has been working with Pam Dorr at HERO on projects like PieLab, a restaurant and community hub, and HeroBike, who manufacture bicycles out of locally grown bamboo. HeroBike aims to evolve into and on-going sustainable enterprise, providing skilled jobs to an economically devastated region of the USA.

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What makes Luxe Cards so great?

Compared to most ordinary digitally printed cards, Luxe are the gold standard of paper quality at 600gsm/32pt, everyone who receives one will experience a quality and weight like no other card.

Luxe, available as Business Cards, MiniCards, and Postcards, was designed by our Product Designer Paul Thorogood to be the ultimate conversation starter. With that in mind, we invented a technology called Quadplex, (entirely unique to MOO) so that Luxe cards could look as spectacular as they feel.

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Three times thicker than a standard digitally printed card

Award winning Mohawk Superfine Paper, 600gsm/32pt stock

Previous Luxe Project designers

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Love Cells
Stefan Bucher
February 2014

Love Cells show a microscopic view of love in the form of cells. Some Postcards have more hearts than others, so you can pick the level of understatement or exuberance.

Holiday Kaleidoscope
December 2013

Spread the festive cheer with Holiday Kaleidoscope’s flurry of geometric, snowflake-inspired designs. Each Postcard is as vibrant and lovely as the season itself.

Stage Set
Marian Bantjes
October 2013

Hand made and delicately rendered onto striking Luxe paper, these Business Cards are a real conversation starter. Plus, use the details side to fill in your information.

Paper Jam
Arianna Orland
August 2013

These 'Paper Jam' Business Card designs are an adaption of hand printed posters designed by Arianna Orland, featuring phrases inspired by popular songs.

HOW Clever and Letter Love
June 2013

PRINT’s Letter Love shares their love of letters with a series of energetic and colorful Business Card designs. Order the entire alphabet, spell a word or choose your monogram to customize your pack.

April 2013

Small talk isn't easy - especially for a first meeting. So let your Business Cards leave a lasting impression for you. Hand over a friendly message – rendered in a cheery typeface – and you won’t have to say a word.

Sagmeister & Walsh
March 2013

There’s a Business Card message for everyone you meet with these fun, cheeky – and sometimes rude – Business Cards. But you can’t edit these – so they’re not for the faint-hearted!

MOO Designers
January 2013

Vibrant ink dropped into water and photographed. It’s such a simple idea and yet creates such incredibly striking results. These Business Cards are unforgettable– with your initials in the center.

Brian Flynn
November 2012

Inspired by his best-selling poster "Haunted House", Brian Flynn takes us inside to explore the interior. The patterns on these ghostly Business Cards are his interpretation of the haunted house's custom wallpapers.

Helen Friel
October 2012

Inspired by Oliver Byrne's version of Euclid's Elements, these Business Card designs are a modern interpretation. She uses her expertise to turn the grandfather of mathematics’ working into beautiful diagrams.

Pattern & Color
Sean Adams
July 2012

Inspired by the sculpture of Harry Bertoia, and the colour palettes of Saul Bass, these Business Cards are all joy and delight. Hand one to a prospective client, and hopefully you’ll make them smile as well as want to work with you.

Katie Barcelona
May 2012

Katie’s pack was inspired by a lifelong passion for travel (which in turn was inspired by a lifelong desire to escape her small town roots.) She stumbled upon a box of vintage cigarette papers in a flea market in Barcelona – and here these Business Cards are!

Camera: negativ
Dan Rubin
April 2012

Dan’s pack of Business Cards were inspired by a pet project he’s been working on – etching his personal collection of vintage film cameras. A lover of photography, film and product design, he jumped at the chance to explore the many sides of a camera.

Card of Hearts
Michael Osborne
February 2012

The Golden Age of Hollywood finds its home on Luxe paper, thanks to award winning designer Michael Osborne. He uses classic poses from some of the silver screen’s most iconic faces to create a pack of stunning Business Cards.

Would you like to design for The Luxe Project?

So many MOO customers are designers, so it gives us great pleasure to invite you to submit your work to the Luxe Project. If your designs are used, you’ll be able to showcase your talent, and support the charity of your choice for an entire month. If you’re interested, please email us on with a concept idea, contact details and links to some examples of your work. (Please don’t send designs at this stage!)

When thinking about designing for Luxe, do consider what would work best with a particularly thick, textured paper stock – have a browse through our design gallery for inspiration.

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