100 free MiniCards to promote your Fringe show

Take your place in bright light with a FREE set of showstopping MiniCards from MOO.COM

New to MOO? We make premium quality printed products that you can customise exactly the way you want. Why? Because we believe in great design for everyone!

* Matte-laminated, premium quality 350gsm paper stock
* Print a different image on every card or sticker in a pack with 'Printfinity'
* Choose from MOO Designs, or import your photos from Facebook, Flickr, or your desktop
* Great for promoting your show, or for giving out your contact details to people you meet
* Don't forget to add your website, QR codes, headshots and more!

Your 100 FREE (just pay P&P) MiniCards come with a "See me at edfringe" watermark.

Want to collect them at MOO's stand at Surviving Actors' Edinburgh Fringe event on 18th August? Select the event collection option on the shipping page, for a reduced P&P fee.

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Making MiniCards is easy

  1. Upload or Browse: Upload your own image/artwork or choose from our designs.
  2. Customize: Personalize a template or upload a complete design for both sides.
  3. Purchase We'll print, hand-pack and deliver your MiniCards to your door!

Essential Information

100 $19.99 $34.99
200 $39.98 $69.98
400 $68.99 $109.87
800 $137.98 $219.74 $183.14
  • Business Cards final card size

    Card size

    70mm x 28mm
    2.75" x 1.10"
  • Business Cards final artwork size

    Artwork size

    74mm x 32mm
    2.9" x 1.26"

Artwork tips and FAQs

What you can do with MiniCards

  • Promotion MiniCards

    Promotional Cards

    When advertising products at events, Perch create MiniCards, each with a trackable code. Potential customers grab a card and use the unique code to try out the software. Not only is it a great promo tool, but Perch can track their most successful events. Smart!
  • Craft tag MiniCards

    Brand your products

    Whether you're selling your products in person or online, adding a little branding in the form of a MiniCard can be a useful tool. It helps people remember your store, gives your customers something to share, and if you add a little flair like Tamar, your cards become something to keep!

Latest Ready Made designs

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