What’s the appeal of having your logo on stickers? Well, for one thing, you can pretty much put them anywhere, which makes guerilla marketing or putting your logo on a package a breeze.

How can I promote my business logo with stickers?

- Got a logo? Stick it on a sticker! Print all three different sticker sizes with your logo, and brand your products by sticking your logo anywhere and everywhere – packaging, promotional materials, your Business Cards or MiniCards. Or you can go further afield – stick your logo on lampposts, windows, or even brick walls (they’re seriously sticky!)

- Artist or illustrators can print your work (and your signature) onto StickerBooks and Round Stickers (remember, with Printfinity you can have a different image on every sticker) and hand them out as gifts to prospective clients, include them in client packages, or leave them in café’s or galleries – just remember to include your contact details!

- Sending out gifts or packages for your business? Seal with a branded Mailing Label sticker – remember, it’s the little details that make the biggest impact.

- With the option of a different image on every single sticker, you can promote all your products by having a sticky portfolio in your pocket at all times. This way, you can emphasise different aspects of your business, or change up the colours of your logo for variety.

Create your own Business Logo Stickers

  • Upload your images These can be photos or full artwork. Alternatively import images from Flickr, Facebook or Etsy.
  • Add text or change your sticker/label design Add text to your stickers or labels by changing the pack layout.
  • Make your stickers or labels! In no time at all have amazing stickers and labels to use and share!
  • Start making now